Malek Abi Nader Biography

During his first years of University studies, Malek Abi Nader also started a training course at Union Nationale, one of the leading insurance companies in Lebanon at the time. Unfortunately, due to a family accident, M. Abi Nader had to interrupt his university studies and insurance training for two years. Pursuant to this unexpected and sudden turn of events in his life, he refocused his attention exclusively to developing his career in the insurance industry. By 1981, M.Abi Nader had become Chief Underwriter at Union Nationale at the Jal el-Dib branch, a position that gave him a solid foundation in the Underwriting field.

MANLater on in 1982, he was sent to NASCO GROUP – France, located in the Rue de Berry in Paris. Here he worked for a year as a member of Gabriel Bejjani’s team, an experience that afforded him rigorous training in and exposure to the Reinsurance field. After returning to Beirut, he founded his own brokerage firm in 1983. Called MAN Insurance Brokers, his new insurance venture rapidly grew into one of the most renowned brokering houses in town due in particular to the successful performance of a highly qualified and efficient team of staff personally coached by M.Abi Nader.

Today, true to form, he continued expanding his personal portfolio to include international clients. On the Lebanese domestic business scene, he succeeded in developing a local consistent portfolio. On the international scene, his contacts and numerous trips enabled him to acquire a new clientele with substantial portfolio premiums. Furthermore, his long-term relationship with NASCO GROUP – France, particularly with Mr. Gabriel Bejjani and his team, helped him successfully place his new portfolios. This gave him considerable additional international experience while reinforcing and expanding his knowledge in the Insurance and Reinsurance fields.

With over twenty five years of experience in the insurance field, M.Abi Nader established three operations, Malek Abi Nader International Office, Morgan Brooks International and Malek Abi Nader Office Lebanon serving as Managing Director. With the quickly shifting insurance requirements in the Middle East and Central Asia in particular, he has positioned himself successfully to serve the many and still growing insurance needs of the international community in difficult markets such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Africa, among others. He has a wide-ranging portfolio of international clients for whom he provides diverse insurance covers, packaged and tailored to meet their unique insurance needs. His broad insurance experience, business and negotiation skills, professional and personal contacts in the field, and thorough acquaintance with the diverse cultures in these difficult markets makes M.Abi Nader a specialized insurance broker who is well positioned to represent his clients anywhere.