Malek Abi Nader born 1961 in Beirut, Lebanon



1979 Completed French Baccalaureate degree with emphasis in Mathematics.

1981 Studied Business Administration with Insurance Specialization at St. Joseph University of Beirut.

Professional experience

1981-1982 Chief Underwriter for Union Nationale, an Insurance Company in Lebanon.

1982-1983 Account Executive at Bankers Insurance of Lebanon.

1983-1984 Member of the team of Gabriel Bejjani at Nasco Group – France, 1st Reinsurance Broker in Paris, France.

1984-1989 Managing Partner at MAN Insurance Broker of Lebanon.

1989-1996 Managing Director of INCOME, a Lebanese Insurance Company.

1996-2002 Solidly involved in International Insurance Broking for Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East.

2002-2003 Managing Director of Medical Express (TPA).

2003 Senior Vice-President for Addison Bradley, an International Insurance and Reinsurance Group.

Since 2004 Managing Director of Malek Abi Nader International Office and Morgan Brooks International.

Insurance and Reinsurance Technical Knowledge

Underwriting: thorough knowledge in all classes of business, such as Fire and Allied Perils, Theft, Marine, Cargo, Engineering, Aviation, Hull, Political Risks, Liabilities, Special Risks, Personal Accidents, Life Insurance, et cetera.

Reinsurance: profound acquaintance and knowledge in Treaties, Quota Shares, Facultative, Excess of Loss, Aggregate and Specific Stop Loss. Broad experience in negotiating and utilizing all above techniques.

Claims: many years experience with administrative procedures, recoveries, and follow-ups.

Accounting and finance: budget, accounting, balance sheet, reserve mechanism.

Demonstrated Skills in Business Development

  • Local business development.
  • Regional business development.
  • International business development, in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and Iraq.
  • Future Markets development and new opportunities identified, in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Morocco, Libya.
  • Full Responsibility for managing large accounts.
  • Synergistic approach with Bank insurance.

Ongoing Professional Training

  • Participated in seminars with:
  • Lloyds of London, 1983
  • Brain Power Management Seminar, 1995
  • Brain Power Workshop (Management and Sales), 1995
  • Crises and Solutions to Corporations Seminar in Turkey, 2000

Continuous training, close cooperation, and review of case studies with Pierre Chidiac (International Actuary) from 1989-1997.

Working trips to the USA, France, Switzerland, Italy, England, Denmark, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Jordan , Ecuador.

Languages: Fluent in Arabic, French and English.

Sports: Jogging, Skiing, Hiking,

Hobbies: Follow up regional and international news and Cooking.