MAN Office Covers

FinancialOur office is specialized in insurance covers and solutions in difficult countries and Zones such as in Africa, Arab countries, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Caucasian area.

We offer the following Insurance Cover options:

Political and Financial Risks:

  • Confiscation, Nationalisation, Deprevation, Expropriation
  • License Cancellation
  • Riots1Money transfer
  • Currency inconvertibility
  • Political violence including War

Properties All Risks
Including War, Sabotage and terror acts

Transportation and Marine Cargo insurance:
By Air, Sea and Land,
All Risks including War and SRCC and terror acts

Riots2Professional Indemnity

Equipment, All Risks:
Covers include War, SRCC, Sabotage, and Terrorism.

Trucks and Trailers Fleet:
Covers include War, Sabotage, Terrorism and Hijacking

Fleet Vehicles:
Covers include All Risks, War, Sabotage, and Terrorism.

Personal Accident and Group:
Covers include War and Terrorist Act.

Contractors, All Risks; Erections, All Risks:
Covers include Sub-limit to War, SRCC and Sabotage.

DBA (Defence Base Act):
Special Covers according to U.S standards related to staff working under U.S contracts and subcontracts.