About MAN Office

Build1MALEK ABI NADER INTERNATIONAL OFFICE (MAN INT’L OFFICE) is a platform for insurance and reinsurance solutions, risk placement and reinsurance broking. Our office operates in the international market and is specialized in difficult countries and special risks. MAN Int’l Office represents NASCO GROUP, a leading European reinsurance broking group.

MALEK ABI NADER OFFICE (LEBANON) LICENSE 139 is our vehicle for providing direct insurance coverage in the domestic Lebanese market. Acting as a local broking company licensed by the Lebanese Insurance Brokers licensing agency, this division of our insurance business benefits from the support of leading insurance companies and underwriters in Lebanon.

  • Our office enjoys active membership in three organizations:
  • The American Lebanese Chamber of Commerce, A.L.C.C.
  • The Lebanese Insurance Brokers Syndicate, LIBS No. 184
  • NASCO GROUP FRANCE Listed International Brokers

What drives us

MANTeam1The complex security issues, which the international business community faces in difficult countries and zones, have been the driving force behind the creation of unique solutions to safeguard the assets of all business players working in these markets. From the very onset of the recent geo-political events, our international insurance and reinsurance office which represents NASCO GROUP(NG), a leading reinsurance broker in Europe, has been at the forefront in creating suitable insurance and reinsurance solutions for all foreign companies, traders, Administrations and individual businessmen operating within the difficult markets and difficult zones. Our executives are well positioned to assess and serve the insurance needs of the business community at-large by providing creative and adaptable solutions according to the current socio-political environment at the time of coverage.

Our People

Our office is comprised of a dynamic small team, each of whom is highly skilled, insurance executive with many years of experience in the insurance field. Each team member is directly involved in the daily operations of the office wherein each one is personally responsible for managing his own work within an atmosphere of active cooperation in the areas of business development, technical negotiations, risk placement and follow-up services.